Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cake Auction!

I recently participated in a cake auction.  Don't know what it is?  Neither did I!  My son's Cub Scout Pack uses this as a fundraiser.  We all make a cake and then get together and auction them off.  Pretty simple.  Tons of fun!  

We began by perusing pinterest.  Of course, my son wanted anything with a "poop" theme but I finally got him out of it by showing him different, yet equally "cool" ideas.  We finally agreed on this one.  I needed something that could be done fairly quickly and still come out pretty cool.  If you didn't notice, the link was in a foreign language.  I suppose I could have translated it via google, but I figured I knew how it was made anyway, so here is my super fast version of the "pigs in the puddle" cake!

Box of cake (any kind)
Frosting (for filling between layers)
10oz semisweet chocolate chips
2/3 cup heavy whipping cream
Kit kats
Fondant (I found some at my local grocery store!)
Food coloring (for the pink)

What I did:
1. Make 2 round cakes according to directions on box. (or use your own recipe to make two rounds)
2. Put a layer of frosting (or filling) on the first cake and put second cake on top.  I then frosted the whole cake- including the sides- with just the frosting.  You will make a ganache later so you may be able to skip this step but I figured I had enough frosting anyway so why not?
3. Then, open up your kit kats and make your piggies.  To make the piggies, I just eyeballed it and took a chunk of purchased fondant and added some red food coloring and played with it for awhile in order to get it all pink and made several balls.  We used a toothpick for the eyes, belly buttons and the butts.  The floating pig is made with a ball for the head, a ball for the belly and then 4 little balls for the arms and legs.  
4.  To make your ganache, put 2/3 cup heavy cream in sauce pan and slowly bring to a boil, stirring constantly.  Pour the hot cream over the chocolate chips and whisk until melted completely.  (I gotta say that my chips did not melt completely so I stuck it in the microwave for 1 minute-fabulous) 
5.  Then I poured some of the ganache over the cake and spread it out and on to the sides.  Put the remainder aside while you construct the kitkat barrel.  After I placed the kit kats around, I tied the ribbon to hold it together.  I then added the rest of the ganache and placed my piggies where I wanted them to go.   And you’re done!

I love how the ganache adds that shiny-looks-like-mud feeling to the cake.  
I added some grass around the bottom with just a little frosting tinted green and a grass tip on the frosting bag.  Pretty simple! 
Cute little piggies in the barrel!